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Character page in progress / Other stuff

I've been busy with rebuilding the character page (take a look, it's finally taking shape!) All it needs now are some character art and it'll nearly be complete!

In other news, I'm still looking for someone who will be willing to compose music, sprite for battle animations and do battle backgrounds for free. It's not an easy task, though. xD

Also, if anyone's interested in doing some voice acting, send a voice demo to ouo)/
Posted 2015-09-03

Revived the Fan Art section!

I had lost all of the database involving news, characters, and more specifically the fan art. Luckily, all of the art had been backed up on my computer, so all I had to do was re-upload it and do all the databasing again.

So now the Fan Art section is back. 2 pages down, 4 more left to go. I think I'll work on the Download section next.

Posted 2015-08-28

Site rebuild in-progress

Well now, this was unexpected.

Seems that the hosting site automatically deletes their websites if no activity is detected for a while.

Anyway, I've decided to stand against this and give it another shot. So here it is!

Posted 2015-08-23